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California Couple Saves a Falling Toddler With A Mattress

A California couple were in the right place at the right time and they turned out to heroes, as they saved a falling toddler with mattress.

The good samaritans were carrying a box spring outside apartment building in Burbank, CA. when they noticed a toddler tangled up in some  telephone wires and dangling outside the window of a third floor apartment. 

Konrad Lightner and his wife, Jennifer quickly moved the mattress underneath the dangling boy, who had climbed out his window to grab some toys that had been thrown on the roof.

The toddler remained entangled in the utility wires just long enough for Konrad and Jennifer to move the mattress underneath the falling toddler and brace his fall.

The mattress helped to cushion the toddlers fall and Konrad caught him in his arms.

It doesn’t seem like it really happened, you don’t really carry a box spring with you everywhere, and it kind of worked out with us being there,” he said.

Police officers and paramedics arrived on the scene to discover the toddler had fallen to safety and was not hurt. He was taken to a nearby hospital to checked for any other injuries.

The 3-year-olds boys parents were home at the time of the accident, but were overwhelmed watching two other kids. When they realized what happened the rushed downstairs to hug their baby boy and express their gratitude to the unlikely heroes.

California Couple Saves a Falling Toddler With A Mattress.

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