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Viral Sensation, Lux the Cat, May Be Up For Adoption

The viral sensation, Lux the cat, who made nation-wide headlines for terrorizing his family, has now found himself a resident of the animal shelter, at least temporarily.

It has been confirmed with the Multnomah County Animal Shelter in Portland, Oregon, that the infamous black and white feline is indeed in their care. However, the kitty is not the bruiser of 22 pounds as originally reported by the owners, but rather a hefty 13-pounder per FOX12.

Lux the Cat

A Multnomah County Shelter Employee Holds Lux the Cat
Courtesy of Facebook

Shortly after their headline-making ordeal with Lux, Teresa Baker and boyfriend, Lee Palmer, decided to keep the cat and seek therapy for their feline companion.

Lux’s story captivated the nation, on March 9,  after turning on his owners and forcing them to call 911.

Palmer reportedly told an emergency services dispatcher that the cat became aggressive after he kicked the feline in the rear for scratching his 8-month-old baby who had pulled on the cat’s tail.

Evidently Lux did not take kindly to this, as his family had to barricade themselves, their baby and pet dog behind their bedroom door as the cat became enraged.

As a result of the whole ordeal, the family made the painful decision Monday morning,  deciding the shelter would be the best place for Lux at this time.

“There’s no shame in saying, we’re not making each other happy, let’s do something positive about that,” said Multnomah County Animal Care Tech, Karen McGill.

“It sounds like we have a very shy cat, with a very high strung personality. He likes things to be very Zen and calm. Now there’s tension in the family because he’s becoming more reactive. So he’s now exhibiting what we call re-directive aggression.”

As per the shelter, the family is granted twenty fours hours in which to decide if they really want to give the cat up permanently, while Lux is in their care.

For the time being, they are getting him ready for a new home just in case.

“Honestly, I see no reason why he couldn’t be successfully adopted into another home,” said McGill.

The shelter is awaiting word from the family, which is expected sometime tomorrow.


Viral Sensation, Lux the Cat, May Be Up For Adoption


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