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19 Year Old Georgetown Student Arrested By FBI For Making Ricin

Daniel Harry Milzman, a 19 year old college student at Georgetown University appeared in court Friday. He is facing charges for manufacturing and possessing a biological toxin. The FBI claims that they arrested Milzman after campus police were tipped off that he was in possession of the deadly substance. Tests confirmed that the substance he was carrying around was in fact Ricin, a powerful and deadly toxin.

19 Year Old Georgetown Student Arrested By FBI For Making Ricin

19 year old georgetown student ricinMilzman was a fan of the hit TV series “Breaking Bad”, in which the lead character had produced Ricin from some plants in his backyard to kill a rival. Like many impressionable fans of the show, Daniel Harry Milzman wanted to break bad himself and produce one of the substances from the show. That is when he decided roughly a month ago to look up how to make Ricin on his phone. He then admittedly produced the substance within his college dorm room on the Georgetown campus. After holding onto the substance for a few weeks, Milzman decided that he wanted to try to impress a campus friend and showed him a baggy and told him that he made Ricin.

The concerned friend later told the campus police about the incident, who in turn escalated the issue to the FBI. After obtaining a warrant the FBI arrested Milzman and was able to recover the deadly substance. Upon questioning the student, he confessed most of the details about the incident to the FBI. His motive for producing the Ricin is still unclear, as there have been no claims of any intended targets. Perhaps he just wanted to feel the sense of power that he could have gained from creating something dangerous with his own hands, or perhaps he felt like one day he would discover a need to use the toxin to kill someone he knew.

Ricin has come into the news a few times recently, as people have discovered its deadly and delayed effects from various sources. Most likely the recognition of the substance comes from its pop culture references from the TV show, but its threat is totally real. Some people have even been arrested for mailing letters to various people that were found to contain traces of Ricin.

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19 Year Old Georgetown Student Arrested By FBI For Making Ricin.

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