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First Gay Couple Married In Michigan After Ban Was Struck Down

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

First gay couple married in Michigan after ban was struck down. Michigan’s first same-sex marriage license was issued in Ingham County following a federal judge’s ruling to lift the ban against such unions. The county’s clerk, Barb Byrum announced on Twitter that she had conducted the state’s first official gay marriage ceremony.

Both of Lansing, 52 year old Marsha Caspar and 53 year old Glenna DeJong made history as they tied the knot in the lobby. At 8 a.m. Byrum opened the clerk’s office and issued them a license, sealing their union.

The couple had been waiting 27 years to be able to marry in their state according to DeJong. Other clerks in their county said they would also conduct weddings at their offices as well.

A Wayne County resident expressed her excitement for the ban and her plans to wed. “It’s about time that we are able to be afforded the same rights,” said 37 year old, Emily Graham. “Not special rights, just the same rights as everyone. We just want to be looked at as equals in the eyes of the law.”

First Gay Couple Married In Michigan After Ban Was Struck Down

Michigan is the 18th state to fall in line and lift the ban on gay marriages. In 2004 Michigan’s state constitution banned the recognition of gay marriages following unfavorable votes. In 2008 Michigan Supreme Court also banned public employee domestic partnership benefits.

After a two week trial, U.S. District Judge Bernard A. Friedman dismissed the state’s contention that Michigan voters put in place years prior. The argument was that heterosexual married couples provide the best environment for properly raising children. This argument was dismissed on failure to prove this to be accurate.

Friedman did not stay his decision which was issued late Friday afternoon when clerk’s offices were no longer opened. The decision was immediately appealed by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette who requested a stay.

Many clerk’s offices are expected to be opened and 60 license are expected to be issued this Saturday.

First Gay Couple Married In Michigan After Ban Was Struck Down


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