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Dave Brockie Of GWAR Found Dead In Home At Age 50

The founder and lead singer of one of the strangest bands in Rock N Roll history was found dead in his home last night in Richmond Virginia. Dave Brokie, aka Oderus Urungus, was the lead singer of GWAR and was only 50 years old. Police were not able to immediately determine a cause of the singer’s death, so an autopsy will be scheduled as part of the routine investigation. There were no signs of foul play in this case, so it may be possible that his untimely death was due to natural circumstances.

Dave Brockie Of GWAR Found Dead In Home At Age 50

Dave Brockie of Gwar Found DeadDave Brockie’s body was discovered on Sunday night around 7pm by one of his roommates who shared the singer’s home. He was sitting in a chair and found unresponsive. Police searched the house for illegal drugs and other substances that could have caused Brockie’s death, but nothing was discovered at the house.

For more than 30 years GWAR has been shocking and rocking the stages of concerts and festivals all over the world. The band made a name for itself in the 1980’s when they took to the stage in monstrous costumes, and performed in a type of carnival atmosphere for their fans. Their music was known for its hard sounds and its disgusting lyrics, which matched the characterful nature of the band as a whole.

Brockie was not the first member of the band to pass away however. In 2011 the lead guitarist of the band, Cory Smoot, also died of a heart attack after returning home from a tour with the band. His loss was felt throughout the metal community, as his guitar rifts influenced many of today’s younger acts who grew up on GWAR’s music. The band is expected to release an official statement later today about their feelings on the situation and potentially the future of the band as a unit. While fans are ultimately shaken up at this tragic news, they are hoping that GWAR can carry on despite the loss of their founding leader.

Featured image of GWAR on tour in Toronto from Wikipedia.

Dave Brockie Of GWAR Found Dead In Home At Age 50.

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