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The Ultimate WTF Gallery Ever Made

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Tricky Situation #1

Tricky Situation

How the heck did that tire get put on the base of the tree? Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Now WTF how did someone manage to get that tire around the base of this tree? Its impossible to comprehend why someone would want a tire around a tree. A tire hanging from a rope on a tree that kids use to swing from seems like a more logical scenario. But then again this photo sort of defies logic. It would be funny to watch the person trying to maneuver the tire around the upper branches to get it down to the base of the tree. Not really sure if that would be even possible, only scenario that makes a little sense, is that the tire was placed there when the tree was planted and the tree just grew taller with a tire around it. But yeah WTF!

The Ultimate WTF Gallery Ever Made.


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