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The Ultimate WTF Gallery Ever Made

Everyday in this crazy wonderful world that we live somebody sees or hears something that makes them stop for second and say WTF.

The slang term WTF is often used when people are carrying on a conversation and somebody says something of amazement, thats completely shocking and jaw dropping. Often time it is phrased in the form of question, because the image that person is seeing or whatever they just heard is probably so staggering that its hard to find truth in whatever the subject maybe.

The Ultimate WTF Gallery Ever Made

Blow Outs

The ultimate WTF blow outs. Image Courtesy: Pinterest

What exactly does WFT mean? Well the abbreviated term is actually three words “what the f$@&”, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what the last word means.

The slang term is quite frequently used when texting, left in comment boxes on Facebook, Twitter, or preferred social media platform. Why not just spell out all three words, instead of typing three letters? Thats easy, in this increasingly fast paced world everyone seems to be glued to their mobile device and on the go while typing on their smartphone, so its much easier use an abbreviation.

Lots of WTF moments happen with the use of mobile technology by whipping out that smartphone snapping a quick picture, sending a text, and posting to social media to share this awe striking moment just witnessed.

Hopefully the WTF moment being witnessed is something that inspires joyful feelings and is good for a laugh, but it could very well be something that is gross, disgusting, and stomach turning.

People like seeing or hearing things that make them say WTF because it creates excitement or is at the very least interesting. The worldwide web makes these amazing WTF images just a few clicks away. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of WTF photos here and picked the ten best from around web. Prepare to be shocked, disgusted, excited, amazed, and say WTF.

The Ultimate WTF Gallery Ever Made.


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