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The Ultimate WTF Gallery Ever Made

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Chinese Walmart #5


Walking through the grocery store and seeing these would be a WTF moment. Image Courtesy: Pinterest

WTF is going on in the Walmart’s over in China? According to this photo gators are a staple food in the Chinese grocery section at Walmart. Gator tastes like chicken and is popular deep fried dish in South, but seeing one frozen and holding a piece of fruit in its mouth like a pig for Sunday dinner is a little jaw dropping for the normal person.

The Ultimate WTF Gallery Ever Made.

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  • Joshua Beard

    After living in China for 4 years, I have never once seen a crocodile displayed. Most Wal-marts are pretty standard, however with much more soy-sauce options. And “jaw dropping for the NORMAL PERSON”??? Do you read these things aloud as you type them at all?? It’s good to know that all the regular people are in the west where they belong so the crocodile eating heathens in the orient won’t infect them..