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Train Derailment at Chicago O’Hare Airport Injures 32

A commuter train derailment, which arrived at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, climbed an escalator as it jumped off the tracks Monday morning. The crash left 32 people injured though none were life-threatening, Chicago police said.

The Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line train derailment took place when the train jumped a bumper at the end of the line and moved onto the platform and up the escalator at 2:52 a.m., Chicago Fire Department Spokesman Larry Langford told WGN. The eight-car train reportedly failed to stop and jumped 10 feet off the rails.

train derailment

A train derailed early Monday morning at Chicago O’Hare airport.
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Passengers that suffered injuries were taken to four hospitals, but Dr. Douglas Propp at Lutheran General Hospital told WGN their physical injuries were minor.

“As you might expect, someone who has been in a train accident is worried about the worst,” Propp said. “You can imagine, people early in the morning, not expecting anything like this to happen, would be bothered by it. They came here, we reassured them. We evaluated them. Obviously, the clinical people put their minds at ease. And also, pastoral care is here to meet their needs.”

It could take up to 24 hours before the crash site is cleared and Blue Line service is back up and running to the airport, WGN reported.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were anticipated to join the investigation Monday.

Chicago Transit Authority spokesperson Brian Steele said it appeared the train was going at a speed that was “higher than normal,” according to ABC News Station WLS-TV. Steele noted the train jumped a bumping post that was designed to prevent such accidents from occurring.

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