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Miraculous Recovery of 4-year-old Jacob Spillers Rescued from the Massive Landslide

Holding on for dear life, the miraculous moment 4-year-old Jacob Spillers, was lifted to safety by his rescuers and saved from the mud that demolished his home in the devastating Washington landslide.

The youngster was home watching television with his father, older brother and two sisters when the mile-long slide ravaged his home in Snohomish County sending it crashing down the mountainside.

Jacob Spillers

Dramatic rescue of 4-year-old Jacob Spillers by Snohomish County Helicopter Team
Courtesy of Facebook

Jacob’s father and siblings are still unaccounted for, but on Saturday, Jacob’s mud-covered tuft of blond hair was visible among the debris as a Snohomish County Helicopter flew overhead soon after.

The rescuer team shared the incredible footage on their Facebook page depicting the heroic recovery. The images reveal the aircraft positioned close to the child as one of the rescuers leaps onto a mound of mud and reaches down to pull him up.  As he carries the petrified child to safety, he passes him up to another rescuer waiting inside the helicopter.

Jacob Spillers

4-year-old Jacob Spillers Courtesy of Facebook



One of the pictures shows the little boy covered in mud and wearing only his undergarments. A good portion of his body had been buried under the thick-compressed mud, and as he was lifted out to safety, it pulled his trousers right off.

The rescue team said on Facebook: ‘Our team was conducting a training that morning only 25 miles south of the slide location and, as such, was able to arrive on scene very quickly.’

‘Our hearts go out to the families, friends and loved ones of all the victims and those still lost.’

‘We have been flying each day since the disaster and will be back at it tomorrow to continue the rescue efforts.’

Another survivor of the deadly slide, Robin Youngblood, told Fox how she helped comfort Jason after the rescue. She told the young boy that she was a grandma as she began to take off his wet clothes and wrap him up tightly in a blanket.

Jacob Spillers was one of eight fortunate people to be rescued on Saturday. Tragically, as many as 90 people are still unaccounted for and 24 people are confirmed dead.

As for the rest of Jacob’s family, his father, Billie and three siblings, Brooke, Kaylee and Jovon, have yet to be located.  The children’s mother, Jonielle, was not home at the time as she was working as a nursing assistant when the massive landslide occurred.

Jacob Spillers

Jonielle, right and Jacob, center are safe, but his siblings  (from left) Kaylee, Baby Brooke, Jovan and father Billy, second right, were at home at the time of the mudslide and have not been found.
Courtesy of Facebook


Jonielle posted on her Facebook page: ‘Billy and kids hold on. I love you and we are waiting for you for as long as it takes. Stay strong honey.’





Miraculous Recovery of 4-year-old Jacob Spillers Rescued from the Massive Landslide




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