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Rescue Dog’s Resilient Tale After Being Shot Over 50 Times With a BB Gun

Employees at Chicago’s, One Tail at a Time, animal shelter received a gut- wrenching shock last week when x-rays of a rescue dog revealed a horrific image.  He had been shot over 50 times with a BB gun and his body was filled with pellets.

The adorable 6-year-old canine known as Porkchop is described by shelter staff as one of the most lovable pooches imaginable. The shocking abuse he endured as a stray is some of the worse the staff has ever come across. 

Rescue Dog

Resilient and inspiring rescue dog sustained over 50 BB gun shots to his body.
Courtesy of Facebook

‘I immediately started crying at my desk at work,’ said one shelter employee.

Originally Porkchop lived in Carbondale, Illinois, but shortly after his owner passed away, he began roaming the streets and living the life of a stray.

Workers at One Tail at a Time have their theory and told the Huffington Post they believe that Porkchop was shot by neighbors in the area where he scrounged for food.

Upon learning of the horror Porkchop had endured, the shelter promptly started spreading the word about the remarkably resilient and inspiring canine.

They drew attention from the media when they posted the image of Porkchop’s x-ray on Facebook and received close to 3,000 shares and was “liked” approximately 2.000 times.  The x-ray was originally taken as a result of a urinary tract issue.

Rescue Dog

Shelter staff describe Porkchop as one of the most lovable pooches imaginable.
Courtesy of Facebook

As a result of sharing Porkchops heart-felt story, donations started pouring in for the adorable and irrepressive 65-pound pup. The shelter posted many photos of the shepherd/retriever mix as a way of saying thank you to all the people were captivated by Porkchop’s tale.

“People have been so moved by him and what he’s been through as an amazing, resilient dog,” Anna Friedman, head of adoptions, told the Huffington Post.

Since the BB’s are not harmful to Porkchop, the vet determined it is not necessary to have them removed, however, the healthy and delightful pup does need to find a forever home. The shelter held a successful adoption event over the weekend and received many applications from people hoping to adopt the sweet dog who has melted so many hearts. The shelter staff is hopeful that Porkchop will be placed in a loving home by the end of the week.

Rescue Dog’s Resilient Tale After Being Over Shot 50 Times With a BB Gun





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