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12 Women Compete For Prince Harry on “I Wanna Marry Harry” reality tv

So you want to be a princess? New reality show will whisk 12 American women away to the UK and convinces them they are competing to marry Prince Harry or so they think.

I wanna marry Prince Harry

Prince Harry impersonator for new reality show. Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

‘I Wanna Marry “Harry”‘ will follow a dozen American single ladies as they fight for the chance to marry Prince Harry while living with the younger brother of Prince William at Englefield House in Berkshire. But little do the women know that “Prince Harry” is just average English ‘bloke’ Matthew Hicks, made over to look like the redheaded royal. (http://www.and.co.uk/)

Hicks will keep up the prince charade for the entire show, and only break the news about his real identity at the very end. Will they believe it? Hicks does share a likeliness to Prince Harry, but will all the women believe he’s truly royal?

The real royal, 29, is nowhere near interested in a reality dating show. In fact, he might be popping the question to longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas very soon.

‘Will he be able to convince them he’s regal, and if he does, will they fall for the crown or fall in love with the real him?’ the show’s tagline reads.

The faux dating show is similar to the network’s notorious 2003 show Joe Millionaire, in which 21 unsuspecting women tried to win the heart a “millionaire” who turned out to be a regular Joe.

I Wanna Marry “Harry,”featuring single American women vying for the heart of a Prince Harry lookalike they are led to believe is the real thing, will debut May 27th and air in the Tuesday 8 PM slot.

 12 Women Compete For Prince Harry on the “I Wanna Marry Harry” reality show

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