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Malaysia Airlines Missing Jet: Lawyers Scout Passenger’s Relatives Seeking Representation

It has been nearly three weeks since a Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared without a trace of evidence, search teams still have yet to find anything to clarify what happened to the plane and the 239 people aboard.

As search teams scour the waters of the Indian Ocean for possible wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines jet, lawyers are starting their own search and that is for potential clients staying at the Lido Hotel in Beijing, where the passengers’ relatives have been residing.

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Passenger’s families have been approached by lawyers in Beijing as they await more answers.
Image courtesy of CBC

With the possibility of a multimillion dollar compensation deal, aviation disaster lawyers from US and Chinese firms have been posting up in the hotel’s coffee shop and corridors in hope that the biggest mystery in aviation history will conclude with huge bucks for both the victim’s families and themselves.“I’m here because I hope that some clients will choose my firm and that the case will be heard in the United States,” says Keke Feng, who flew in from San Diego to promote the services of Motley Rice, a US law practice that specializes in aviation cases. “I want to let them know that they have options.”

Very few of the relatives of the 154 passengers on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 seem ready yet to think about potential options. Most are still holding out hope that their family members may still be alive somewhere.

“I have not considered a lawsuit or hiring a lawyer yet because what we want is not money but our relatives back,” says one man whose sister was on the flight and who asked not to be identified. “They haven’t found the plane yet. Without the truth and a real conclusion, how can we start a lawsuit?”

“The families are very confused,” says William Wang, a lawyer with the Chicago based firm Ribbeck Law. “Most of them don’t know what to do next.”

Want stated that he has offered his firm’s services to the relatives of more than 100 passengers on a “no win, no fee” contingency basis, and that only about 10 have agreed.

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