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Optimism Helps Women Eat Healthier

Optimistic Attitude Could Help Women Eat Healthier

Optimistic Women Eat Healthier

Optimistic Attitude May Help Women Make Healthier Eating Choices

Women having an optimistic and sunny attitude about life were more likely to eat healthier, a new study found. The team of researchers, in their new study, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, have revealed a strong link between having an optimistic attitude and following healthy eating habits, particularly when it comes to women.

Women having a positive outlook on life were able to make better, healthier choices concerning their food when they were asked to do it, and also when they took up the initiative themselves.

“It’s not just having a sunny outlook – rather, this is a marker of other things people do,” Melanie Hingle, a dietician at the University of Arizona in Tucson, explained.

Using the data collected from a previous study, and taking into consideration 33,500 women, the researchers attempted to analyse the ‘attitude’ of women by asking them to fill out a simple questionnaire, and then asked them to make simple changes to their diet. Careful observation revealed how optimistic women were able to make healthier eating choices in a better, more efficient way as opposed to those who did not have an optimistic attitude.

This new study seems to be yet another example of how stress and negative emotions have an impact on our health and state of well-being.

“You can’t tell someone who’s a pessimist to be an optimist. Instead, look at the traits that make optimists successful,” Hingle added.

Optimistic Attitude Could Help Women Eat Healthier

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