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Turkey Blocks Access To YouTube Just Days After Banning Twitter

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Turkey blocks access to YouTube just days after banning Twitter. A recording of a national security meeting was apparently leaked online by an anonymous user. It became an “administrative decision” by the Turkish Telecommunication’s Authority to block the site. Threats were made by the Foreign Ministry to punish whoever is responsible for the leaks.

The block began on Thursday, just a week after the Turkish Telecommunication’s Authority banned Twitter. The message “Access has been blocked by the Turkish Telecommunication’s Authority” appears when trying to access YouTube.

“Eavesdropping on a top secret meeting and leaking recordings is a wretched attack and a grave offence on national security,” read the statement according to Turkey’s state run, Anadolu.

Turkey Blocks Access To YouTube Just Days After Banning Twitter

An investigation into the leaks is now open according to Ankara’s chief prosecutor, who is working with the Office of Crimes against the Constitution. The unauthenticated leak was a recording discussing the possibilities of a military intervention in Syria. Syria’s borders house the tomb of Suleyman Shah, which has been Turkish territory since 1921. National Intelligence Organization chief Hakan Fidan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu are the ones allegedly speaking on the recording.

Leaks on Twitter regarding classified information and police files was the reason for the initial ban on social sites. Also an alleged recording of Prime Minister Erdogan telling his son to dispose of a large sum of money leaked online prior to the Twitter ban. The ban has been overturned by the Turkish courts on Wednesday ordering the telecommunication’s authority to restore access. There is no word yet if there will be an appeal or if the ruling will be overtaken.

Turkey’s bar association and journalist argued that the ban tampers with their freedom of communication and information. Prime Minister Erdogan’s attempt to ban the popular sites seem to be a failing one. Turkish citizens are utilizing other channels to tweet from.

According to legal experts, the telecommunications authority have the right to appeal this, but it should end it’s attempt to ban social media. Reportedly the telecommunications authority has 30 days to comply. The regional administrative court will have the final say in the matter.

Turkey Blocks Access To YouTube Just Days After Banning Twitter


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