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Why am I getting wrinkles? – ‘The Why’

“Why am I getting wrinkles?”

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.

Everywhere you look the media is pushing you telling you who to follow, what to watch and when to watch it.   You’re even sometimes told how to do it all.  Truth is, here at American Live Wire we do a bit of that too.  The big difference is we also tell you why.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

“Why am I getting wrinkles?” you ask?

Actually, some wrinkles have been there all along in fact. Do you have wrinkles under your eyes?    They might not be real “wrinkles” at all.  According to Indusladies.com, some creasing under the eyes is natural.  The difference is that if you are especially stressed or fatigued these creases are much more noticeable.

why am i getting wrinkles

Why am I getting wrinkles?

“No,” you say, this is no false alarm.  You have real wrinkles.  “Why am I getting wrinkles?” you cry?  Let’s get serious.  Let’s consult a physician.

Dr. Theresa Pacheco, Professor of Dermatology at the University Of Colorado Denver School Of Medicine, reported on ABC News that “wrinkles are a normal part of aging.”  According to WebMd, people develop wrinkles with normal facial movements like frowning,smiling, squinting and other habitual facial expressions.  As people get older they develop deeper wrinkles due to the fact that their faces lose volume.

“I’m not that old!  Why am I getting wrinkles?” you ask?  Other than wrinkles caused by natural aging there are some other activities that can cause wrinkles.  Online experts offer a laundry list of potential causes for early wrinkles some of which cause only temporary wrinkles.

Wrinkle writers at HealthBoards suggest that too much sun can cause wrinkles.  Sunbathing without using sunscreen or the proper kind of lotion can do damage to your face.   Smoking cigarettes is also believed to be a source of early wrinkles.  Even sleeping with your face in your pillow can sometimes cause temporary wrinkles.

In fact, while there is little evidence to back up their claims there are those that feel that drinking the wrong beverages and even eating the wrong foods can also bring on wrinkles.  While doctors agree your diet can influence your skin they are hesitant to link diet directly to wrinkles.

“Why am I getting wrinkles?”  You’re getting wrinkles because you get too much sun or don’t protect your skin.  You’re getting wrinkles because you smoke.

“I don’t smoke and I hate the beach!  Why am I getting wrinkles?”  You’re getting wrinkles because you’re aging and it is simply a natural part of life.   (It’s OK though.  Here at American Live Wire we love all our readers .  We never judge a book by its cover.  We love you just the way you are.)

“Why am I getting wrinkles?”  Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

American Live Wire . . . Listen and be heard.

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