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Depressed Diabetics May Have a Higher Risk of Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease Risk Higher in Depressed Diabetics

Individuals suffering from diabetes who are chronically depressed have a higher risk of being affected by kidney disease, a new study recently revealed.

While diabetes is already a major factor contributing to the development of kidney disease, a condition that affects millions worldwide and causes progressive loss of kidney function, and may also lead to kidney failure, this new study seems to have shed light on yet another important link between the dangerous three.

Kidney Disease

Depression Ups the Risk of Kidney Disease

Using the data from previous studies and monitoring the mental states of the study subjects by asking them to fill out a questionnaire, the researchers found how study participants who were either chronically depressed or suffered from major depression and its symptoms had a whopping 85 percent higher risk of being affected by kidney disease. “There is an association right now but we don’t know what the mechanisms are,”Dr. Martin Zand, a professor of medicine and medical humanities, explained. “But these findings are very consistent with a lot of studies in other areas that show depression affects cardiovascular health, medication adherence, inflammatory markers and stress hormones, all things which have been shown to affect kidney disease.”

The results from this study, which are now published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology may help researchers better understand and evaluate the extent to which depression could affect the kidney, and its various mechanisms. The researchers also emphasize on spreading public awareness about this fact to help diabetic patients cut down their risk of suffering from the debilitating health condition.

Kidney Disease Risk Higher in Depressed Diabetics

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