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Tesla Retrofitting Model S Cars With Shields To Protect From Fires

Tesla Motors will be retrofitting its Model S cars with shields designed to protect the car batteries from roadway debris that could potentially create fire hazard.

The Model S cars will have an aluminum bar, titanium plate, and another piece of aluminum installed to deflect debris from penetrating the cars battery system.


Tesla Model S car have newly designed shields to protect from fires. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Last year the company came under fire after two drivers ran over a hard object on the road that penetrated the cars battery causing fires that completely destroyed both cars. Fortunately neither driver was injured.

The fires prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate Tesla’s vehicles to determine if there was structural defect that allowed the debris to cut through the cars shield.

After the fires CEO Elon Musk defensively pointed out that his companies cars had received an extremely high crash test rating and had not been involved in a single fatality.

The first line of defense and new safety feature will be a hollow aluminum bar to guard against roadway debris, next will be titanium plate to further protect the batteries from debris, and the original 1/4 inch aluminum shield around the battery the battery will still remain in place.

Existing owners of the Model S Tesla cars will be able to have the new safety shields installed free charge when the car is due to be serviced.

Tesla has sold approximately 22,000 Model S cars in America. CEO Elon Musk says the Model S already has a high level of safety and with new shields installed the cars will be even safer.

Tesla Motors is an American car company that designs and manufactures electric cars. The company was founded in 2003 and first gained notoriety with the Tesla Roadster, the first fully electric sports car.

Tesla Retrofitting Model S Cars With Shields To Protect From Fires.

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