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Two From Britain Catch Tuberculosis From Pet Cat

Pet Cat ‘Causes’ Tuberculosis in Two

Tuberculosis, one of the most concerning health conditions that affects and claims the lives of millions worldwide every year, has now passed the barrier and can now be spread from a cat to a human.

Reportedly, two individuals in Britain have already caught tuberculosis through their pet cats, demonstrating the first time of spread of the disease from an animal to a human.

Public Health England recently announced that two men in Britain have been affected by tuberculosis, supposedly after 9 cats were found to be infected by the same Mycobacterium bovis. While it is believed that the transmission of Mycobacterium bovis from cats to humans is ‘very low,’ two were still found to be affected by the condition, and had supposedly picked up the bacteria through their pet cats.


Pet Cats Cause Tuberculosis in Owners

Mycobacterium bovis is already known to cause tuberculosis in cattle, and is now affecting cats too, raising the risk of animal to human transmissions in the coming years.

“These are the first documented cases of cat-to-human transmission, and so although PHE has assessed the risk of people catching this infection from infected cats as being very low, we are recommending that household and close contacts of cats with confirmed M. bovis infection should be assessed and receive public health advice,” Dr Dilys Morgan, head of gastrointestinal, emerging and zoonotic diseases department, explained.

The findings from this investigation are now published in the Veterinary Record.

Pet Cat ‘Causes’ Tuberculosis in Two

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