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Philips launches 4K UHD TVs

 Philips launches 2014 UHD TVs powered by Android.

Philips was the last name on techno fans minds last year when it came to TV.  They were all focused on Google.  They were expecting Google to dump GoogleTV because they had not met with much success.

Now Philips has unveiled a new line of televisions powered by Android.  The TVs power source will actually be very similar to the operating system in Android phones and related mobile devices.  In fact, Philips will be offering a number of new products based on the Android operating system probably in the second quarter of this year.



The new 8109 series and the new 8209 series are 48 inch and 55 inch television sets respectively.  They output programs in 1080p (full HD) and will reportedly “feature a very responsive gaming capability”.  They will also include quad-core processors.

Philips will also be offering their new 55 inch 8800 series which will also be powered by Android.  It will output content in Ultra HD. To tech fans that means 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4K resolution.  It will have an as yet to be specified hex-core processor.

The Philips televisions will also include Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), Chrome, Music, Play Movies, YouTube and still more pre-installed media apps.  Philips also announced that the TVs will also include full Google Play Store integration.  To those not in the (techno) know, this means users will be able to download and stream content from numerous other media providers like Netfix.

Early reviewers note that each TV includes “only 2.7GB worth of storage space for extra apps and media content.”  They also note, however, that “the range of USB ports and WiFi connectivity” will allow users to “connect an external drive” elsewhere.  Philips also notes that these TVs feature a selection of ports and interfaces and can download additional content with the Philip’s Remote app, SimplyShare and Wi-Fi Miracast which also makes them capable of streaming content to and from other compatible mobile devices.

Online sources opine that “the Android TV branding” that was so much in the news last year might end up replacing GoogleTV.  Of course, they also admit GoogleTV isn’t down for the count yet either despite the fact that there has not been “any mention of Android TV with the release of these Philips televisions.  At this point, the only other thing that is certain is that the new Philips line is slotted in to ship as far as Russia during the second quarter of the year.

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