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DietBetter Allows People To Bet Money On Weight Loss Goals

For many people struggling to lose weight across the country, the main reason for failure could be a lack of motivation. Too often there are people with good intentions to lose weight, but those goals are ruined by distractions and a lack of motivation. Losing weight is hard, and sometimes the hardest part is doing it alone. The good news for dieters out there is that there is a relatively new site on the web that allows people to place bets about their own weight loss, and win money if they are successful. Consider the motivation pool a little bigger now.

DietBetter Allows People To Bet Money On Weight Loss Goals

DietBetDietBetter is not just about wagering money on your own success or failures, but about finding support and motivation to accomplish what you might struggle with otherwise. The way that the site works is that it allows you to sign up for certain weight loss goals that other people will also be signed up for as their own goals. Nobody is betting against you, and the only people who stand to gain anything on the site are those who are successful at losing their weight. Imagine that, you have to lose to win.

Dieters place their bets into prize pools that are then split by those who successfully complete the weight loss challenge. So for all of those who fail at meeting the goals, their money gets distributed to those who do. Money can be a big motivator, but so can seeing other people being successful at what you hope to accomplish. Some people that are on the site have already used it as a tool to drive them towards losing their desired weight, and some have already lost staggering amounts of weight over time. Websites like this could be a good replacement for alternative weight loss groups such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, and the best part is that this site only costs you money when you lose out on a bet.

If you have been struggling to find a reason to lose weight this year, try winning some money and see what that does for your self esteem and image. After all, if you lose too much weight you might be needing your prize money to help pay for some new clothes.

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DietBetter Allows People To Bet Money On Weight Loss Goals.

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