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Frozen the Highest Grossing Animated Film in Box Office History

The wildly popular film, Frozen, made box office-milestone history Sunday, when it officially became the highest-grossing animated feature of all time, garnering just over $1.07 billion. The previous record was held by Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3, which earned $1.063 billion.

Early in March, Frozen surpassed The Lion King as the top grossing animated film for Walt Disney Animation Studios. That very same weekend, the movie claimed an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, as well as an Oscar for Best Original Song for “Let It Go,” the film’s breakout hit.


Frozen has overtaken Toy Story 3 making it the highest grossing animated film of all time
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Frozen not only holds the number ten spot on the list of biggest global blockbusters, but is also the first billion-dollar title from Disney Animation Studios, as well as the seventh from Disney.  The film has managed to earn $398.4 million domestically and $674 million internationally for a total of $1.072 billion.

The film’s strong opening in Japan, it’s final market, combined with the huge success received in the states over the last four plus months, helped catapult the numbers astronomically. Frozen has grossed $50.5 million thus far in Japan alone. It also overtook Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, global grosses, ranking it among the top 10 highest-grossing films in the world.

Frozen now has a new target, that being, The Dark Knight Rises, which earned $1.084 billion worldwide.

On an international level, Frozen is the largest Disney or Pixar animated film of all time in 27 territories, including Russia, China and Brazil.

The film was released on home video on March 18. Over 3.2 million DVD and Blu-ray discs were sold on the first day alone. If this is any indication, records could continue to be broken on the sales end as well.

Frozen was directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and features the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad.


Frozen the Highest Grossing Animated Film in Box Office History


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