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Loki Movie Coming in May 2017?

Marvel studios has set some dates with yet unannounced titles but according to Marvel Cinematic Universe, a Loki Movie may be taking the May 2017 spot.

Loki movie may be coming in 2017 - photo courtesy of Facebook

Loki movie may be coming in 2017 – photo courtesy of Facebook

Marvel Cinematic Universe, a Facebook fan page, has been hit miss with their news and is a very popular destination among fans.

“LOKI movie set for May 5th, 2017!” read the statement.

As of now, there is very little actual evidence to corroborate the report, and it did appear dangerously close to April Fools Day. Some have pointed out in the comment thread on the Facebook page that Loki is the god of mischief, and it would be a suiting prank to pull on excited fans.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

At the end of Thor: The Dark World, it was revealed that Loki had managed to take head of Asgard and is alive and well in his own realm, which could easily be the basis for  a standalone film featuring Tom Hiddleston’s very popular villain.

Hiddleston has become something of a favorite among Marvel fans and gave them one of the crowning moments of last years San Diego Comic Con when he came out at the Marvel panel in his full Loki get up.

“Say my name!” Hiddleston shouted at the crowd to which they gleefully shouted back “Loki!” multiple times.

Currently Marvel has only officially announced up through Captain America 3 which is due out May 2016, but is rumored to have its films planned out up through much later than that.

Last year, fans began a petition to have a solo Loki film made which currently has more than 50,000 signatures.

Weather or not the rumors are true about the Loki Movie, based on the fan response, it would certainly be something for Marvel Studios to look at doing in the future.

Loki Movie Coming in May 2017?


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