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Blackberry Cuts Ties With T-Mobile On April 25th

The already waning influence of Blackberry in the mobile device market may be getting a final shove off after Blackberry announces that it will no longer do business with T-Mobile after the contract expires on April 25th. The Canadian company stated that they were basically insulted by T-Mobile’s decision to message their device owners a promotional message that encouraged them to switch to the iPhone 5S. The carrier apparently made an open offer for Blackberry users to trade in their devices and get an iPhone 5S for no money down. You can probably imagine how well this was received at Blackberry headquarters, when their executives found out about the backhanded promotion.

Blackberry Cuts Ties With T-Mobile On April 25th

Blackberry T MobileFor T-Mobile, the promotion to switch devices was a success, as they had predicted. Many Blackberry users came into the stores to exchange their devices, and this was deemed a great success by the carrier. No doubt that the ending of the Blackberry contract will have some negative effect on T-Mobile’s bottom line, but the percentage of customers who were carrying Blackberry devices was already on the decline. The future of the device manufacturer has already been hanging on the balance for the past few years as their popularity has given way to more prominent devices on the market, such as the iPhone, Android, and even the struggling Windows Phone devices.

Those who wish to keep their Blackberry devices on the T-Mobile service will not be affected after the corporate contracts end on April 25th, as they can still continue to use their devices on the mobile network. Blackberry will however help accommodate their device holders who wish to change service to other carriers in the near future, though exact details have yet to be announced.

Featured image of the Blackberry Q10 from T-Mobile site.

Blackberry Cuts Ties With T-Mobile On April 25th.

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