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Obama Monsanto Protection Act Debacle

Obama Monsanto Protection Act debacle is the latest controversy in the GMO debate.

United States President Barack Obama recently signed the Monsanto Protection Act, which will allow the company to plant genetically modified crops all over the United States.

Obama Monsanto Protection Act Debacle 

Obama Monsanto Protection Act Debacle

Obama signs the Monsanto Protection Act

Why is this bill controversial?  The corporation that wrote it will also benefit from it. They will now be allowed to plant and sell genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds for crops.

A lot of controversy has been going around on whether or not GMOs are safe for human consumption.  Monsanto has turned down multiple studies on the risk of GMOs and the following is on their website in the Q & A section- explaining that GMOs have not even been tested on humans:

In addition to animal feeding studies, are human clinical trials used to test the safety of biotech (GM) crops?

There are not currently any human clinical trials used to test the safety of GM crops. This is not unusual; no existing food or ingredient – GM or otherwise – has been the subject of human clinical trials. However, there is broad global agreement among food scientists, toxicology experts and regulatory food safety officials on how to evaluate the safety of GM foods. We follow these expert recommendations.

A little frightening.  The answer goes on to say that not even organic food has been tests on humans because the tests would be too difficult.

The bill that was passed now makes all company’s making GMOs able to plant them and be immune to litigation.  So if something happens because of the GMOs, the company will not be liable.  Why shouldn’t they be liable for something that they are creating and distributing without test?  What do you think?  Is this government corruption like many are saying?

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Obama Monsanto Protection Act Debacle 


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  • Brian K.

    This is corruption of the highest order, and criminal-biological terrorism. There have been studies on rats that were given a 30% GMO diet, and within 4 months to 18 months, they nearly all had tumors growing on their bodies, some of which reached the size of their whole bodies. These studies are ignored, and they only look at the ones done that were wrapped up after 3 months. The fact is that when they plant these crops all over the world, there is no containing them, because they spread like a cancer or virus, because viruses are used in the modification process. They will alter the DNA of the world’s plants, and also our own. Obama, and everyone involved in this in the government and Monsanto should be removed and put in prison for crimes against humanity and all of God’s creation.

  • Animals over humans any day

    The scum that are running this world are the lowest form of humans on earth… they are greed personified and I really hope there is a god, because all of these a-holes will go to hell.

  • waheguru

    “The bill that was passed now makes all company’s making GMOs”
    A little proofreading would enhance this article.