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Why do men cheat? – ‘The Why’

Why do men cheat?

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.

Everywhere you look the media is pushing you telling you who to follow, what to watch and when to watch it.   You’re even sometimes told how to do it all.  Truth is, here at American Live Wire we do a bit of that too.  The big difference is we also tell you why.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

“Why do men cheat?” you ask?

This one got way out of control as you will soon see.  But first, for the purposes of this discussion we shall define “cheating” as engaging in sexual intercourse outside of a monogamous relationship.  Now having said that, it should be noted that this question is based on a false assumption.  Not all men do cheat.  For the sake of argument though and to respond to some poor soul’s question we will generalize.

why do men cheat

Why do men cheat?

In fact, let’s generalize some more and explore what would cause a woman to pose this question.  It’s simple.   Girls like “bad boys”.   Girls don’t stop liking “bad boys” until they have learned the hard way how “bad” they are.  Let’s go into this knowing  no one is perfect.  No one is perfect and perhaps the early life behavior females exhibit encourage the behavior males exhibit as adults.

Upon learning that male infidelity would be the subject this time, women had plenty to say.  So much so, comments had to be included here.

Hardin Paula Cox Hardin laughed and said men cheat “because they want to! Same for women.”

Mare Wakefield  noted: “My favorite movie Moonstruck answers this question: ‘Because they fear death!’”

Heidi Graney believes that men cheat because they aren’t being treated they way they should be . . . are “not in love and are not happy” in the relationship.  She states “If a person is truly content with their significant other, they will have no reason to wander. It all comes down to showing respect to your partner and loving them for who they are.”

Kathy Jackson-Thompson says “Real men don’t cheat!” and feels that immaturity is the source of infidelity.

Marcella Janine Raup seems to believe there are a lot of reasons and says “I found out too many reasons why one cheated for years. And it had nothing to do with his meals, laundry or space.”

Teasia Deskin believes it is a biological issue: “Men are always horny.  It’s an addiction like crack.  They always want it and do anything for it and if it’s there they take it.”

Another reader, Mickey Mignot, responded with one word: “Weakness.”  Multiple personal theories were posted in response to the question: “Why do men cheat?”

The fun folks at AskMen offered  more masculine responses to the question “Why do men cheat?”.  The most popular including: “not getting any”, the woman cheated first, the man wants or even needs to know he’s “still got it”,  he was unable to say “no”, she now “disgusts” the man and he no longer loves his significant other.  Despite the laundry list they could only conclude that a man’s cheating “belies the simple fact that he is involved in something in which he does not fully wish to be involved. “

Still, you think we have not fully answered the question: “Why do men cheat?”  You’ve been hurt.  You’re still hurting and if you wanted to hear a bunch of cr@p from cheating men you’d squeeze their heads, you say?

Perhaps a more professional approach is in order.  According to WebMD the majority of professional responses to the question: “Why do men cheat?” were (like above) from a female or wives point of view.  M. Gary Neuman, marriage counselor and author of The Truth About Cheating, interviewed “200 cheating and noncheating” spouses in order to find a true answer to the question: “Why do men cheat?”  According to his findings 77 percent of cheating men have a good buddy who cheated.

why do men cheat

Why do men cheat?

He reported that hanging out with friends who cheat makes being unfaithful appear “normal” and actually “legitimizes it as a possibility.”  Neuman states that a man will subconsciously tell himself: “My buddy is a good man who just happens to be cheating on his wife.  Even the best of us do it.”

“Why do men cheat?”  We know it’s not an accident.  Guys don’t just go out for a walk and trip and fall into a v*gina.  Still there isn’t enough space to list all the possible reasons given.  One thing is certain, however, and that is that men cheat because–for one reason or the other–they come to a point in their relationships where they feel they have to do so.

“Why do men cheat?”  Now you know.

(You’d never need to even ask the question if you gave your rascally reporter your number, ladies.)

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

American Live Wire . . . Listen and be heard.

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