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Coffee Consumption May Cut Down Liver Cirrhosis Death Risk

Consumption of coffee may cut down liver cirrhosis-related death risk

Liver cirrhosis and chronic liver disease make for the 11th largest cause of death in the world, and the numbers getting affected are increasing day by day. Thankfully, a team of researchers, in their new study published in the journal Hepatology, have found how consumption of just two or more cups of coffee a day could cut down the death risk associated with liver cirrhosis and other chronic liver conditions.

Consumption of coffee has already been linked to a lower risk of liver cancer and even suicide, and this new study has also managed to shed light on further hepatoprotective effects of coffee. Consumption of just 200mg of caffeine each day has already been found to boost memory and concentration, and in the latest study, led by Dr. Woon-Puay Koh, from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and the National University of Singapore, have attempted to understand how coffee may minimize death risk associated with liver cirrhosis.


2 Cups a Day Could cut down Risk of Liver Cirrhosis Death

Taking into consideration around 63,000 Chinese subjects, the researchers recorded the lifestyle and alcohol consumption using simple questionnaires, and followed them for a period of 15 years. Careful observation revealed how the subjects who consumed around 2 cups of coffee in a day had a much lower risk of dying of liver cirrhosis- around 66% lesser risk.

“This finding resolves the seemingly conflicting results on the effect of coffee in Western and Asian-based studies of death from liver cirrhosis,” Dr Koh explained.

“?Our finding suggests that while the benefit of coffee may be less apparent in the Asian population where chronic viral hepatitis B predominates currently, this is expected to change as the incidence of non-viral hepatitis related cirrhosis is expected to increase in these regions, accompanying the increasing affluence and westernizing lifestyles amongst their younger populations.”

The authors of the study also conclude how coffee could significantly cut down the risk of a number of potential liver risks- infact, coffee may also act as a potential therapeutic agent for patients with cirrhosis.

Consumption of coffee may cut down liver cirrhosis-related death risk

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