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Could the Eagles Be in Trouble Over DeSean Jackson’s Release?

It didn’t take long for DeSean Jackson to find a new team after the Eagles cut him loose, but the controversy surrounding his release is not over yet.



When DeSean Jackson was released by the Philadelphia Eagles the football loving world was not shocked and surprised all at the same time. The possibility of the Eagles pulling the trigger was something that had been under discussion for weeks, but no one thought the team would release one of the most productive wide receivers in the game–but they did.

Of course the surprise didn’t end there when report after report made it sound as if it was because of some alleged gang ties. However, recent reports are now making it look like it was more because Jackson was a difficult, disrespectful malcontent. According to one unnamed source (CBSPhilly):

“…His being cut had nothing to do with the gang stuff. The team knew it. Everyone knew he had ‘ties.’ Those were his guys. That’s okay. What put him out was his selfishness. He can try and spin it all he wants how he’s ‘a team player.’ He’s not. I’ll put it this way, when it came out last Friday that [Jackson] was released, more than a few guys were happy it happened….

“… [Kelly] came in here with a plan to get this thing right, and the one major [obstacle] standing in his way was [Jackson]. If we were going to move forward as a team, he had to go. Think about it—did anyone come right out and back him publicly? Not one.”

Players have been cut for not being able to fit in to a locker room before. Football teams need to have chemistry and if there is one player that cares more himself than the team it is pretty hard to develop. If someone like Jackson is cursing at the head coach in front of the team on several occasions why not say that rather than express concerns over gang ties?

That’s a question that the NFL Players’ Association wants answered.

“That’s something that we’re going to look at,” NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith said on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show. “We’ve always been aggressive about protecting the integrity of our players, especially where we believe or think that a team may have done something that is impermissible, and that’s something that we’re gonna look at.”

In the days following his release there were several teams that were interested in Jackson. After the reports of his alleged gang ties several of them went as far as to call the FBI as part of their background check. It’s understandable–no one wants to sign the net Aaron Hernandez.

If he was branded as a malcontent several teams would have hesitated, but there are plenty that would still be willing to give him a try. Maybe they have a stronger coach. Maybe they have better veteran leadership. Maybe they tie a portion of his salary to conduct standards.

But no matter what no one wants to sign a possible murderer like Hernandez.

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