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Hundreds Gather At Prayer Service To Mourn Victims of Landslide

Hundreds gather at prayer service to honor and mourn the landslide victims, of the families and rescuers affected by the deadly March 22 landslide in Oso.

Clergy involved in planning the Arlington prayer service wanted to reflect the connection among neighbors not only in Oso but in nearby Arlington and Darrington, KING-TV reported.

Hudreds gather at Prayer Service

Hundreds of people gathered at prayer service to mourn landslide victims. Image Courtesy: Associated Press

A large banner hung at the front of the middle school gym where the prayer service was held that said Together. Ministers of the community gathered hundreds in prayer, to reflect the connectivity of the neighbors who have pulled together from the mudslide.

The audience twice gave standing ovations to first responders who continue to search the debris for missing people.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, could be prepared for what we encountered,” Arlington Fire Chief Bruce Stedman told the crowd.

As of Friday, the toll stood at 30 people dead and 13 missing in the landslide that buried the community of Oso, about 55 miles northeast of Seattle.

“I’ve walked away many times, saying to myself, ‘Why, God, why?'” said chaplain Ralph Fry. “And what I do know today is that God’s love sustains us in the darkest moments of our lives.”

Four private memorial services and prayer services are scheduled this weekend for victims, slide response officials said Friday in a statement.

Hundreds Gather At Prayer Service To Mourn Victims of Landslide. 


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