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Sheriff’s Deputies Injured And 100 Arrested At College Party

A spring break party in Southern California turned into a dangerous brawl when sheriff’s deputies arrived to break it up. The party took place in Isla Vista in Santa Barbara County California. The party drew roughly 15,000 people in total from around the UC Santa Barbara campus, and not all of them were well behaved. When a campus police officer confronted a student with a backpack full of alcohol he was struck in the head with the backpack and an arrest was made. The arrest aggravated many of the party goers and a brawl broke out. This led to the arrest of about 100 party goers and some injuries among officers and students.

Sheriff’s Deputies Injured And 100 Arrested At College Party

Deltopia 2014The small brawl turned into nearly a riot as hundreds of party goers protested the arrests and threw large rocks, beer bottles, and other garbage at arresting officers. People at the party attacked parked police cars, damaged property, and lit fires in protest. Multiple police departments were called to the scene to support overwhelmed officers who tried for hours to disperse the party as arrests were made and people were taken to the hospital. The brawl proved dangerous for both police and party goers until it was finally broken up a few hours after they first arrived on the scene.

The scene did not look like your typical spring break party, as police turned out in gas masks, helmets, and some riot gear. Events earlier in the day also proved to be dangerous for people attending the Deltopia party, as multiple stabbings were reported during daylight hours, and many people were treated for other injuries through out the day. The organized event proved to be a success from the standpoint of the overall turnout, but lacked enough security to properly contain the massive crowds in attendance at the block party.

Posts on Facebook blamed the out of town guests who attended the party, blaming them for the lack of respect shown towards local law enforcement.

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Sheriff’s Deputies Injured And 100 Arrested At College Party.

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