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Fake Arian Foster Tweet Causes Hilarious Yet Embarrassing Moment for Jenni Bazard

A fake Arian Foster tweet becomes a hilariously innocent moment for one Texans fan. She thought she was standing in the presense of a Houston Texans star runningback when in fact she was not! That’s not Arian Foster.

Arian Foster caught wind of the mistake and tweeted back to Jenni letting her know that was not him saying.


Having a good sense of humor about the entire incident originally Tweeted,

Embarresed by all of the media attention Jenni said,


Image from Twitter.

Image from Twitter.

The big question here is who is the guy in the picture, and why didn’t he at least give Jenni his name? I mean at some point the two had to have exchanged names during the introduction, right??

According to her Twitter bio, Jenni Bazard is the Houston Texans’ “No. 1 fan,” but she made an honest mistake when she thought she was posing with the Texans running back at a bar on Saturday. She posted the photo on Twitter Sunday and was quickly corrected by Foster.

Hey ease up everyone, it’s an honest mistake and it could happen to anyone. Don’t forget about those Elvis impersonators.


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  • observer1356

    that’s ok Jenni.. you’ve found an Arian Foster look-alike.. and that’s great!

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