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New Jersey Forest Fire Leaves Smoky Odor Hovering Over New York

A smoky odor is hovering over New York from a New Jersey forest fire burning more than 90 miles away.

New York City usually has a funky smell to it, but this time New Jersey is the contributing factor. A forest fire burning in Wharton State Forest, sent smoke billowing into the sky, and the smoky odor was carried into the city and trapped by a unusual weather system that left it hovering above New York.

New Jersey forest fire

New Jersey forest fire leaves a smoky odor over New York. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

The strange weather known as an inversion: is different from the normal change of an atmospheric property with higher altitudes. Normally temperatures drop at higher altitudes, but in the case of an inversion the temperature increases at higher altitudes. 

An inversion can lead to pollution such as smoke or smog being trapped close to the ground, with possible adverse effects on health. Temperature inversions can notoriously result from freezing rain in cold climates.

Tim Morrin, meteorologist from the National Weather Service said, “It was remarkable that the fire continued to burn overnight and kept putting out smoke. Normally, the humidity would have put it out.”

People all across the city woke up to a smoky odor and New York City emergency officials issued an alert overnight, to explain the smoky smell.

The smoky odor was the strongest in Brooklyn and Staten Island, but residents all over the city were noticing the smell. Some residents worried there was a fire nearby because the odor was so overpowering.

It was so thick, I thought the house on the corner was on fire,” said Jeremy Floto, 37, who lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The New Jersey forest fire had spread through 1,500 acres of woodland and was 50 percent contained, by Monday morning officials reported.

Meteorologists predict that the smoky odor will have dispersed by about mid-afternoon when a rainstorm moves into the area.

New Jersey Forest Fire Leaves Smoky Odor Hovering Over New York.





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