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Simple Blood Test to Detect Solid Cancers

Simple Blood Test May Now Help Detect Presence of Solid Cancers

Cancer, which remains by far the most dreaded diseases today, and claims the lives of millions worldwide annually, can now be detected by a simple Blood Test, thanks to a new unique technique developed by a team of researchers at Stanford University.

Cancer tumors are usually solid or liquid, based on the areas where they grow, and apparently, this new blood test may help detect the presence of solid cancer tumors effortlessly. It is estimated that around 80 percent of those suffering from cancer are affected by solid tumors, which clearly indicates how this new blood test may prove to be helpful for a large proportion of those already suffering from, or those at a high risk of developing any form of cancer.

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Simple Blood Test Could Now Detect Solid Cancers

The new technique, which is known as CAPP-Seq (cancer personalised profiling by deep sequencing), is extremely sensitive and is capable of detecting a single tumor DNA in a sea of 10,000 healthy DNA molecules, which is commendable.

“We set out to develop a method that overcomes two major hurdles in the circulating tumour DNA field. We are trying to develop a general method to detect and measure disease burden,” Maximilian Diehn, an assistant professor of radiation oncology at Stanford University’s school of medicine, explained.

The researchers were able to detect the presence of solid cancer tumors in upto 50 percent of individuals taken in for the study, who suffered from stage 1 cancer. What’s more, this blood test demonstrated 100 percent efficiency in detecting cancer tumors in patients having advanced stage cancers.

The researchers believe that this new technique may prove to be an effective prognostic tool and are now attempting to extend their efforts in detecting liquid forms of cancer, thereby effectively detecting tumors in the breast, colon, prostate and lung.

Simple Blood Test May Now Help Detect Presence of Solid Cancers

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