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300 Mile Per Gallon Volkswagon XL1 Not Sold in America

The new 300 mile per gallon Volkswagon XL1 not sold in America. Now why would this be? The two-person concept car produced by Volkswagen is produced with lightweight materials, a streamlined body and an engine and transmission designed and tuned for economy.

You won’t find the 300 MPG Volkswagen XL1 in an American showroom, because many speculators believe the oil profits are too high in America with the status quo in place. Which means the powers who be, are preventing such a design to hit the American highways.

For light weight, the car uses an unpainted carbon fibre skin over a magnesium-alloy subframe. Individual components have been designed to be low weight, including engine, transmission, suspension, wheels (carbon fibre), brakes (aluminium), hubs (titanium), bearings (ceramic), interior, and so on. Empty vehicle weight is 629 pounds.

No tour has been allowed for this car because the myth that 50 mpg is virtually impossible to obtain from even a stripped down econobox is too profitable to let go of, and when it comes to corporate oil profits, ignorance is bliss.

Volkswagen Technical Developer Christian Kolano to give us an in depth look at the limited production 283 MPG two seater from the future. The 2014 Volkswagen XL1 is powered by a turbo diesel two cylinder combined with an electric motor and a 7 speed dual clutch automatic mounted behind the passenger compartment.

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  • lilk

    Actually a tour of this car did occur. Jalopnik did a drive in December. But where is the fun in that conspiracy.

    • CharonPDX

      Not to mention that if this conspiracy were true, Tesla wouldn’t exist as a company, the Nissan Leaf wouldn’t exist, the Chevy Volt wouldn’t exist, etc, etc.

      VW is only building 250 of them. Even if they sold all 250 in the US, that’s not exactly a threat to the oil industry. Tesla sells more zero-oil cars than that a month. Plus it’s diesel – diesels can already be run off 100% plant-based fuel (Bio-diesel or even a conversion to a “greasel” car that runs off used cooking oil.)

  • Stingy

    America doesn’t want two seater cars. It’s been tried over and over. No conspiracy here. Cool car though.

    • Mike_Travis

      Right. That’s why the Corvette, BMW Z4, Audi TT AND R8, Porsche 911, Mazda Miata, Nissan 370, and Ferrari don’t sell any cars in the US, because they are 2 all seaters. Oh wait, they DO sell cars in the US! Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but you missed the boat.

  • Logs

    Yet the VW HQ in Virginia would take them to the local Cars and Coffee evens and showcase them? I suggest doing more research.