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How Does SEO Work? Basic SEO Tips to Help You Along Your Way

So you are here to understand just how SEO works: Basically Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) use a series of mathematical formulas to calculate relevance to specific keywords typed into their search query. Several other SEO tips include…


Basic SEO Tips

Some of those various mathematical formulas calculate our websites Page Rank, How many social media shares, and backlinks the article has, as well as the onsite keywords in your article.

Web Crawler - Search Engines - Wikipedia.

Web Crawler – Search Engines – Wikipedia.

The more your keywords standout in your article the more relevance you will have when someone puts in your targeted keyword. Some of the things you can do to stand out for keywords is put the keyword in special characters, Internal or external link inside of anchor text to articles containing the same keywords in their title or url.

Also if you can try to use your keyword several times throughout your article and even in Header 1 or Header 2, and Header 3.

The most common mistake people make is that they try to cheat the system. There is a difference between cheating and setting your article up for success. To set your article up for success you must communicate with the algorithm that you are speaking about a specific keyword.

Search Engines do care about quality. If you are going to target a specific keyword ensure that your article discusses the topic in a manner that prompts the reader to Like, Comment, Share or Transit the website. Google considers user engagement to be a valuable indicator as to whether or not your article should make it to the top of their search results (Page 1, number one) for any given keyword.

It is also wise to select a primary keyword but also add secondary keywords as well. Thanks for reading. Please share your SEO Tips Below and share this article with fellow writers. Happy writing!

How Does SEO Work? Basic SEO Tips to Help You Along Your Way.


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