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Amazon Products and Practices Aim to Compete

Amazon has been an online e-commerce giant for years, but some recently announced Amazon Products and details about the companies policies are pointing toward the company gunning for the competition in every way.

Amazon products, services and policies are helping them succeed - photo courtesy of Amazon

Amazon products, services and policies are helping them succeed – photo courtesy of Amazon

It was recently announced via the Wall Street Journal that the Seattle based company will be venturing into the smart phone market later this year. Few details are currently available, but they are expected to make the official announcement this summer and ship the phones out in September.

Amazon had been rumored to be delving into the smartphone business for quite some time. The details that are available are promising as the phone is set to feature 3-D images without the need for special glasses.

The company also recently released their own online video streaming device, the Kindle Fire TV. The device is competing against the Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast, but the reviews have been positive as it seems to stack up nicely in comparison to the other devices on the market.

Amazon has also had success with their streaming service, Amazon Instant Video which includes original programming, similar to the way Netflix handles their service. Though, Amazon’s original programs have not garnered the critical acclaim that shows like House of Cards have done for Netflix. The Kindle Fire has also proven to be a legitimate contender in the tablet market through all of its iterations.

However, it isn’t just Amazon’s products and services that are showing the companies willingness to compete. Amazon also is very competitive and unique when it comes to handling their employees. The company has a policy called Pay to Quit in which they will pay any of their fulfillment center employees up to $5,000, depending on their length of employment, to quit if they so choose. The offer is made one week into the job and every year thereafter. More than 90 percent of their employees decline the offer said Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

Amazon is currently worth an estimated $90 billion and if these new products and unique practices continue to pay off, the company could be worth more in the near future.

Amazon Products and Policies Aim to Compete

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