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What does a blood red moon mean?

What does a blood red moon mean exactly?

A blood red moon means memorable moments of an upcoming total eclipse.  The first total eclipse to be visible throughout the U.S. since December 2012 will occur on April 15.  It will reportedly peak at approximately 3 a.m. EDT and be visible from the Americas, Australia and out in the Pacific Ocean.

It will also mark the beginning of a lunar eclipse tetrad—a chain of 4 consecutive total eclipses happening at about six month intervals.  There will be additional total eclipses again October 8, 2014, a second on April 4 2015 and a third on September 28, 2015.   

what does a blood red moon mean

What does a blood red moon mean?

Before we answer the question “What does a blood red moon mean?” it might be helpful to first review some basics.  A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth’s shadow blocks the light of the Sun which would otherwise reflect off the moon.  There are three kinds of lunar eclipses—partial, penumbral and –the most dramatic– the total eclipse during which Earth’s shadow covers the moon.  They can be viewed with the naked eye from anywhere on the night side of the planet.

Now what does a blood red moon mean?

A blood red moon means different things to different people.  From the dawn of time blood red moons have filled men with both awe and fear.  A blood red moon means the end of the world to some spiritual or religious people.  To others it may mean little more than something that is a novelty to help break up the day.

In truth, there is a more scientific albeit less dramatic answer to the question: What does a blood red moon mean?  The moon may appear to turn a copper or red color during a total eclipse.   A blood red moon means that the moon is in total shadow.

Red light tends to be more visible while other colors in the spectrum are blocked and scattered by the planet’s atmosphere.  Mind you, sites like space.com note that the actual color that the moon appears to be is reliant on the quantity of “dust and clouds the atmosphere.”  NASA scientists state: “If there are extra particles in the atmosphere, from say a recent volcanic eruption, the moon will appear a darker shade of red.”

What does a blood red moon mean?  It means that astronomers and fans of astronomy are in for an interesting early morning as they enjoy what some once thought was anything from a  weather predictor to a harbinger of doom.  It means people will have the chance to witness something that just doesn’t happen every day.

What does a blood red moon mean?

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    have we had a blood red moon before?

    • Will Phoenix

      Yes, off the top of my head in the wee hours of the morning the best I can recall is 2003-2004 lol. Yes, we have had them before and will have them again but mind you not everyone can see them and depending on what might me in your air locally it might not be as red.
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