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Kate Middleton Spotted Drinking Wine in Midst of Rumored Pregnancy

Kate Middleton quickly squashed those pesky rumors of a second impending pregnancy when she we spotted drinking several glasses of New Zealand wine with her husband, Prince William, before heading off on a jet boat in leafy Queenstown, Daily Mail reported.

Her wine tasting almost took a turn for the worse when she stumbled and nearly fell over in her high fashionable wedges she was sporting. Luckily, Kate still appeared to have a great time enjoying a few glasses of wine.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton dispels pregnancy rumors by sipping wine in New Zealand.
Image courtesy of Facebook.

Hannah Armstrong, of Mudhouse Wines, said, “Kate said she hadn’t drunk whilst pregnant with George and although she doesn’t drink much she really enjoying the odd glass.”

Kate also told the wine-makers at a local vineyard that she “was really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George”.

The Duchess Kate Middleton, tried a few glasses of Aurum pinot gris and Remarkable dry Riesling. But Kate admitted she isn’t the wine expert in the family. Hannah said, “Kate said she doesn’t drink much but William likes his wine.” She continued, “I said ‘And of course Harry!’, she laughed and agreed.”

John Darby, owner of Amisfield vineyard in Queenstown, showed the royal couple around his vineyard, the same vineyard where Kate nearly tumbled over in her sky-high wedge heels.

Several British tabloids first pounced on the reported story that the Duke of Cambridge told the woman who made New Zealand’s official gift of shawl for the newborn Prince George last July: “You might have to make another one soon.”

“The way William said it was like he was dropping a hint, letting me in on a secret,” Mrs Read reportedly said.


When asked if she thought that meant he was alluding to a possible new bundle of joy for their family, she replied: “Maybe. I couldn’t possibly comment. Obviously if I’m asked to do another one I would be honoured, but we’ll wait and see.”


It appears so far there isn’t a bun in the oven for Kate Middleton and Prince William, but only time will tell when they will be ready to expand their family.

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