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Top 10 Most Powerful Military Weapons In The Modern Age

Nukes # 1

Most powerful military weapons, Nukes - photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Most powerful military weapons, Nukes – photo courtesy of Wikipedia

There is no question that even in the modern world, nothing rivals that of a nuke. The world has only seen these horrifically powerful weapons used in war in WWII, but that was plenty to show the world that there is nothing more powerful. Since Hiroshima, the technology has only improved with the delivery system and capabilities, but what remains constant is the threat of total decimation.

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  • Nathan Otto

    Yep, as suspected, this entire list is total American BS. If you really want a list of most powerful military weapons you might want to consider leaving your computer Ryan Scott and having a look at weaponry from the rest of the world as well. Strange as it may seem, Americans aren’t the only ones producing weapons.

    • Nathan Otto

      Larry, I can accept that this is an American website with an American author, but then he should have titled this document Top 10 powerful AMERICAN military weapons of the modern age. It’s like Americans competing in the “World” series of baseball against themselves. Or declaring yourselves “World” champions in a sport no one else takes part in. Just thinking about the three main sports in South Africa, we are actual former world champions in one of them, because we actually compete against other countries for that title. Easy to claim these weapons are the most powerful but measured against what and whom?

      • Bishop Steiner

        and even then he is so woefully wrong

      • Aristotle Stagirus

        This is not the top 10 most powerful weapons of the USA, let alone the world.

        It is also most certain that the true nature of the most powerful weapons in the world is not fully revealed and have a good chance of violating international laws against weapons of mass destruction.

    • yuropp

      Only american items are allowed to compete when it comes to “1st in the word something”. And when it’s obvious they are lagging, they pretend to be “1st in the 2nd generation”. Just as they did, say, about russian rocket powered torpedo.

      It is not limited to weaponry. In the beginning of 1975, there was a microcomputer (8008 inside) on sale in France. But the 1st microcomputer “in the world” came nearly a year later, because it needed to be american.
      AIDS virus was discovered in USA, inside a sample of AIDS virus sent by a french virologist from “Institut Pasteur”, Paris, France.

      And I suppose a lot of nationals from different countries have similar information, that are not allowed to be true from a US point of view…

      • Derrrrrrrr…….

        France?! I have the number 1 French weapons system right here in my pocket. It’s a white handkerchief I blow my nose into. The French have been involved in entire military campaigns where it was the only. weapons platform they required. The French! Ha!

        • yuropp

          So it took you a full year to find some insults you could understand? Quick thinker you are…

          • Derrrrrrrr…….

            Nope, I just saw this list yesterday. I got a boatload of French insults. Now go away or I shall taunt you some more.

          • yuropp

            A boatload of pointless insults? Put those in a file, add 50 lines of code to select one (a mix of html & php should do), and you can be replaced by a robot. A crude one.
            Don’t be surprised if the same happens to your job, or any job you are fit for.

          • Derrrrrrrr…….

            Pointless? No, I have a very good point. i.e., somebody who loves the French should not be commenting on weaponry, only the proper methodology of surrendering. No robot can replace me – I am a SCIENTIST! You’d have to first create artificial intelligence, then teach it more and more about less and less until it knows almost everything about almost nothing. THEN, you’d have to drive it insane!!!! Good luck with THAT program.

          • yuropp

            In your case, artificial stupidity is more fit…
            A call to to a pseudo-random function, a recast toward an integer to choose a line in your garbage “boatload”, plus some extra lines to interface Disqus et voila. The ultimate artificial Derrrrrrrr……., with acne and propeller head included.
            Btw do you know Derrrrrrrr……. is a fair approximation of “derrière” ? But obviously being an arse is not new to you…

            Hey, “boatload baby boy”, I lead three to nothing it seems. And I didn’t even seriously started to write in French (just to check if you know what you hate). Or further comment on F35…
            Well, actually it’s simply too tempting, so hereI go: when you realize F35 does the most destruction in the country that pays for it, you cannot even buy Shukoi instead, like you did to replace murderous Space Shuttle (it’s a matter of weapon system mechanical compatibility) ; it’s probably the same problem for chinese planes (too bad : the copy may not be much better than the original, but less expensive for sure). So you are left with a choice between Eurofighter and Rafale… Rejoice !
            I wonder how many US pilots will be shot down, victims of bureaucracy, before you buy several boatloads of Rafales… Or a plant to build them, to pretend they are American. Again.

          • Xavier Pellen

            In France, we have:

            – the FELIN combat system, with this system a soldier can guide a cruise missile only by pointing the target with his rifle. The french army started to widely equipe his soldier 5 years ago but for US officer it’s just a dream

            -the VBCI, an IFV equiped with a 25 mm machine (it’s simple: a shot on human target = a target vanished, nothing to put on the coffin). this vehicule allow a 12 men squad to live 12 days on combat field (they have kitchen onboard so soldiers can eat warm food without quit the vehicule).

            -the Rafale, the US equivalent is the F-35, but we deployed the rafale 16 years ago not 1 year ago like F-35.

            And we don’t surrended since 1962 (when we used mostly US equipment). last time USA surrended? 1975 during the fall of Saigon.

    • Luong the Viet

      What weapons would be in your list of the world’s most dangerous weapons?

    • Pierre de Droit

      Maybe an example of what is missing would be in order then ?

  • Finlay Bond

    Really … all american lineup . nuclear weapons and atomic bombs are different . There are more drones than predators

  • Mark Anthony Taylor

    All competitors are made redundant by nuclear weapons.

  • Rudy Haugeneder

    Most of these weapons look as though they are designed to protect governments from public protests that could otherwise peacefully threaten to overthrow them, such as in the United States, Turkey, Russia, France, the UK, and no doubt China also has such anti-revolution weaponry designed to slaughter citizens who dare to speak out.

  • Ali Haghi

    This rating is full of $hit and nonsense!

  • Velayudhan Nair

    Top 10 American weapons.

  • ?ndrey65

    I do not think they are serious: 9 out of 10 are total crap!

  • Guest

    No need of alien invasion we make the job alone and before self .We let billions of people starving when wasting money in weapons only and not in the economy for people .

  • marc

    No need of alien invasion we make the job alone .We let billions of people starving when wasting money in weapons only and not in the economy for people .

  • Will Cline

    I agree with the posting that say this list is very poor.

    Here are a few items on my list:

    1: AN602 Tsar Bomba from Russia with a yield of approximately 50-58 megatons is the single largest explosion the world has ever seen.

    2: 10 nuclear warhead MERVs both the US and Russia have these weapons which can target 10 cities with one launch vehicle

    3. Neutron Bomb, kills all life with massive burst of neutrons, the US definitely has this but you can assume Russia does as well

    4. Space atomic explosion creating an Electro Magnetic Pulse – both the US and Russia have this technology

    5. Massive computer hacking attack to disable all electric distribution, financial systems, etc

    6. Chemical and Biological warfare, both the US and Russia have this as well as many rouge nations. There are significant downsides to using these weapons in that they can kill your enemy and your friends

    7. 18 inch naval guns on the Japanese Yamato class of battle ships

    8 . AC-130 gunship, this is a US weapon with large canon and multiple smaller canon and heavy machine guns that can focus in on a small area to devastate anything in that area.

    9. Abrams M1-A2 main battle tank, its combination of speed, targeting and computer networking and array of main gun ammunition has proven this to be the best main battle tank ever produced.

    10. Smart bombs and smart artillery shells.

    11. WWI (might be too old to consider modern) use of massive amounts of explosive to blow up entire hills which contained enemy implacements. Both sides used these successfully during WWI.

    Future potential

    1. Directed energy weapons, the US is testing these on ships, I do not know the state of Russian reseach. 1 Gigawatt weapons are the goal but none have been successfully developed yet.

    2. Rail gun and other hypersonic weapons, still some R&D required to perfect

    • yuropp

      4. NEMP : … and England and France and China and India and Pakistan and N-Korea and any countries having nukes plus missiles to bring them at the right place to detonate. It is not a “technology”, just a matter of flight computer programming (and willingness to spend some warheads on it).

  • Riucario

    Let me correct that titel for you “Ryan Scott”:
    Top 10 Most AMERICAN Weapons In AMERICA.

    • Michael R

      Except these aren’t even that American.

  • Dan Sheppard

    Tsar Bomba – most powerful known nuclear device.

    Completely flattens a major capital city

    • yuropp

      Maybe we (no matter the “we”) should have gone further in the way of megabombs… A hundredfold would be perfect. Then, no need of missiles, subs or whatever military gadgetry.
      Just burry it in a safe place, deep under your ass and, when in mood, enjoy yourself and blow the world!

    • Kevin R. Cross

      Undeployable. And only one was ever built – it wasn’t a weapon, it was a test-bed.

  • http://www.simplesurvival.us/ Cincinnatus

    As expected, a stupid list made by people with little to no understanding of what it is that makes a weapon powerful.

  • http://www.celebjihad.com/ Sayyid Ali Shaheed

    How can you not have the the war camel, the noble pressure cooker, the holy AK47, the Justice Stones, or my personal favorite, the mighty Toyota truck.

  • yuropp

    Nay! Sorry to say, but you are all wrong!
    The most destructive weapon ever, actually used, is the F-35

    Yes, the F-35 dwarfs all other MDW before !

    This turkey has already destroyed lot of billions worth in economies of countries that fund it ! Thanks to F-35, hundred of millions persons have seen their savings ransacked by their governments. And it is just a beginning!
    Education, health, development: name it, the F35 funding spread havoc in all budgets!
    The F-35 program might have bought a $300k home to any homeless in the USA alone, No other weapon made so many homeless before

    Do you know the only mission F-35 can perform while supersonic? Slow down to subsonic and refuel, because you spend nearly all fuel reserve getting supersonic.

    Actually, it would have been more advisable to include such countries as N. Korea, Iran or such in F-35 program, for the sake of collapsing their economies.

  • Neal Rauhauser

    Does Ryan get paid to write this derp? Chimera virus as a weapon? And the “laser like precision” of the M134 minigun? HELL-O if the thing was super accurate why do the operators who use them consistently spray hundreds of rounds in every burst?

    That is three minutes of my life I’ll never get back …

  • Michael R

    This seems to more be a “this thing is neat, better put it in there” rather than a “top 10 most powerful weapons.”

  • alex simoes

    best modern day weapon, a well trained soldier, disciplined, knowledge of both modern and unconventional war tactics, multiple skills from basic weapons handling skills and the new era of weapons. But can still read a map with a compass. All the tech in the world can’t compete unless the soldier knows how to employ it.

  • Miles Backman

    why do they never show the thing in the pic. that draws me into these lists anyways. its always the thing i wanna see, and it’s never shown.

  • Anna

    YAY KILLING! With “news” (actually that should be “propaganda” media, as news is about as objective, comprehensive, and balanced as anything else sociopathic) misinformation, disinformation, etc. goading people, governments spending trillions on stupid toys, and corporations that are legally “human” I do not feel particularly optimistic about the human species.

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIQNBykqPnSO658tA-sLayquhltYEq50g HansStahl

    the most dangerous weapon is when i ate kale and drunk a pack of dan active.


  • RE Haylock

    “Total decimation”. Do you actually know what decimation means?

  • michael

    oh mr author…please learn some basic English…there can be no “total decimation” because the word decimate literally means” to destroy one-tenth of”….decimation was the punishment for a unit that displayed cowardice in the ROman Army…one out of ten men, chosen by lot, would be executed. No worries…you were likely educated, or at least schooled, in the USA….:)

    • yuropp

      It’s a common mistakes in a lot of languages.

    • Gianni

      You’re right as far as the Latin definition of the word. However, the word has come into and is used in English with a much more expanded definition. Being that he isn’t speaking/using the Latin language here, his usage is correct in English.

  • Mohammed Chang

    American propaganda!

    The most powerful weapon is the homo sapiens 😉

  • Ole

    Nathan – you may be right, but that ist beside the point. This is a click farm and as such has to get people intrigued, and fired up enough to click here. Experts in their field look on expert web sites.

  • lummi

    The poor Brits are often ignored when lists like this are presented. Their contribution to weaponry and defense development have been among the most important in the last century. Among them are radar, the tank, the jet engine, aircraft carriers, especially the angle flight deck and steam catapult. And it was the Brits who developed the technique to land the Corsair fighter on carriers after the Yanks decided it would have to be land based only. It was American production capability that made wide deployment practical, as has been the case with many foreign-born developments, in both the military and civilian spheres.

  • ShiverBolt

    Isn’t the most powerful weapon ever discovered the Tsar Bomba? Isn’t the Tsar Bomba confirmed to be the most powerful nuclear detention in history?

  • ObiRynDenobi

    And a comments board filled with Trumpketeers arguing whose mass baby annihilator is more powerful than whose!

  • Paddy Wacker

    All you people offering criticism of the United States need to remember what your country did when the United Nations makes a call for peacekeeping forces. You mostly run for cover. As a US veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan I rarely saw other nations in the hot zones of the fight. The Brits stepped up but the French, South Africans and others did not

  • John C

    The 20MM Rifle on the teaser isn’t even on the list.