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Food Texture Linked to Calorie Consumption

Food Texture May Impact Calorie Consumption

The texture of foods could actually have an impact on calorie consumption, a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, revealed.

The taste, temperature and texture of food- all play an important role in determining our calorie intake, which varies from person to person depending on his/her taste; however, this new study has revealed how food texture could actually be linked to calorie consumption in a direct way.

Food Texture

Food Textures Could Have an Impact on Calorie Consumption

“We studied the link between how a food feels in your mouth and the amount we eat, the types of food we choose, and how many calories we think we are consuming,” the research team explained.

Conducting 5 laboratory studies, the researchers asked the participants to sample different food textures and measure the estimated calories of each of these foods.

Careful observation revealed how individuals perceive rough, hard foods to have lesser calories as compared to foods that are soft and chewy. “Understanding how the texture of food can influence calorie perceptions, food choice, and consumption amount can help nudge consumers towards making healthier choices,” the authors added.

Food Texture May Impact Calorie Consumption

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