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Who’s Brave Enough To Buy Poveglia? Worlds Most Haunted Island For Sale

The worlds most haunted island Poveglia is for sale. Who’s brave enough to purchase the scariest island on earth thats haunted by ghosts and plague victims?

In its early history Poveglia served as a place of refuge for people looking escape the barbaric invasions in 421, ever since then the small island has been a place of horrors and madness.

Who’s Brave Enough To Buy Poveglia?


Poveglia worlds most haunted island for sale. Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Poveglia is a small island off the coast of northern Italy between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon. The haunted island is often referred to as “the island of madness” back in 1922 all the buildings on the island were converted into a hospital for the mentally ill and many the believe the island is still haunted by those ghosts. Rumors has it that the generic doctors sent to work to in the asylum performed strange experiments on the patients being treated there, the island is considered to be more a of place exile than it was for treatment. Before becoming a quarantine station Poveglia served as a checkpoint for all goods coming in and out of Venice by ship.

If being an haunted abandoned hospital for the mentally ill isn’t scary enough, according to history Poveglia was used to separate the plague victims when the Black Death struck in Asia, North Africa, and Europe during the mid-fourteenth century. The Romans used the island to separate the infected people from the healthy; its rumored that over 160,000 people have died on Poveglia throughout its history and were buried on the island.

The erie hospital has been closed off and deserted since deserted since 1968, now the Italian state primarily used the island for agriculture. Now the Italian government is going to auction off this islands of horrors to pay off some of its national debt. The island remains closed to visitors and tourists with strict access granted by the Italian government.

Who’s Brave Enough To Buy Poveglia? Worlds Most Haunted Island For Sale.



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