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Everest Avalanche Leaves At Least 12 Dead

An Everest avalanche has left at least twelve guides dead and three badly injured when it occurred on Friday.  The avalanche took place on one of the climbing routes that is in the summit area of Mount Everest.

Everest Avalanche Leaves At Least 12 Dead

The avalanche took place just before 7:00 a.m. while around 50 Sherpa guides were traveling from base camp to camp 2.  The avalanche struck at an altitude of about 5800 meters.  It is possible that the death toll may be more as four Sherpa guides are still missing.  A lot of the guides that guide people up Mount Everest are Sherpas of the Nepali origin.

Everest Avalanche Leaves At Least 12 Dead

A picture of Mount Everest from the Western side.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world; located in Nepal on the Tibet, China border.

The avalanche was the deadliest to hit the mountain in eight years.  The Sherpas were preparing the route to the summit for the summer climbing season, which is supposed to be kicking off later this month.  they were carrying equipment and other necessary supplies up the summit when the tragedy struck.  Rescue helicopters were sent to the site to search and rescue after the avalanche struck.

Typically about 300 people attempt to climb Mount Everest and for each person that pays roughly $50,000 to make the trek, there are two Sherpas that will travel with them carrying supplies.  Climbers usually take the dangerous route only a few times, while Sherpas have to take the route 30-40 times per year.  This definitely increases the risk of something happening to them versus a one time climber.

This tragedy leaves the death toll for Mount Everest higher than last year already and the climbing season has not even begun.  2013 saw only eight deaths during that climbing season.

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Everest Avalanche Leaves At Least 12 Dead

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