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Justin Bieber Disses Drake Bell by Stopping by Album Release Party

Justin Bieber finally took a very public jab at Drake Bell after being taunted on Twitter insistently by former Nickelodeon star for months now by crashing his album release party Thursday night in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber let it be known to Bell that Bell’s fans may not be as loyal as he may think; maybe they have more Bieber fever than love for Bell.

The Bieber and Bell feud has been long-standing, with Bell taking to twitter multiple times to let the world know that he does not think Justin Bieber is a suitable role model for his young fans, given his slew of newsworthy antics. Bieber has never responded to any of the insults that Bell has made on the popular social networking site up until last night.

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Justin Bieber crashes Drake Bell’s album release party then posted this image on Instagram.
Courtesy of Instagram.

Bieber drove up to Mixology at the Grove in Los Angeles last night where Bell’s album release party was taking place and simply rolled his window down. What happened next was typical of any Bieber sighting; the girls went absolutely crazy diverting their attention from Bell and focusing solely at the bigger superstar at hand.

But Bieber didn’t stop jus there; he kept the feud going by posting a video of the screaming fans on his Instagram account, but didn’t bother to acknowledge they were at Bell’s event, saying, “So nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight.”

He then proceeded to post a photo on Instagram of Bell looking down at Bieber’s van being mobbed by fans with the caption: “Why is @justinbieber sprinter van getting more attention than my album release party.” The picture has since then been taken down.

According to TMZ’s sources say that the evening ended on a bitter note between one person in Bieber’s entourage, Milk Tyson, and Bell’s dad.

Is the fight between Drake Bell and Justin Bieber finally caput? Something tells us there is more in store for these two.

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