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Why Doesn’t He Love Me? – ‘The Why’

Why doesn’t he love me?

Welcome to today’s edition of The Why.

Everywhere you look the media is pushing you telling you who to follow, what to watch and when to watch it.   You’re even sometimes told how to do it all.  Truth is, here at American Live Wire we do a bit of that too.  The big difference is we also tell you why.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

“Why doesn’t he love me?” you ask?

Today’s question comes from Shelly Youngbloom Carswell. Carswell submitted a question that women (and gay and/or bi-sexual men for that matter) ask themselves more often than they would care to confess. (Naturally we here at American Live Wire would not truly understand the question: “Why doesn’t he love me?” because we love all our readers; in the case of your randy writer—as often as possible.)

why doesn’t he love me

Why doesn’t he love me?

Still the question of the day is “Why doesn’t he love me?” So let’s see what we can do to answer said quandary. Both a sampling of males surveyed as well as some students of psychology agreed that if you have to ask the question then at best he doesn’t have a clue. Of course that doesn’t shed any light on his feelings it just allows room for hope.

“Why doesn’t he love me?” Maybe he’s does but he’s just playing hard to get. As it turns out, older guys recall the dating rules about not appearing to anxious and waiting for at least 3 days before calling a lady. The younger crowd however is a bit more cynical and generally agree that if a man doesn’t appear to love you then he’s just not that into you.

“Why doesn’t he love me?” He doesn’t love you because while he may find mot rule out doing the Naked Dance with you he doesn’t feel any emotional attachment to you.

“Why doesn’t he love me?” He doesn’t love you because he doesn’t even like you. Getting drunk with you and doing the Hokey Pokey with you is one thing but once the cold light of day shines the light of shame upon you it’s time to hit the road . . . hard and fast. If he didn’t even stop to shower and raid your refrigerator then that is the most likely scenario.

why doesn’t he love me

Why doesn’t he love me?

“Why doesn’t he love me?” In truth, he very well might and you are only asking this question because you don’t know any better (or it’s your way of letting your sexy, single scribe you’re available to serve as his merry muse).

Face it, men are not —stereotypically speaking– communications freaks, mmmkay?  Now ask a yes or no question you might just get a “yes” or “no” for an answer.  (Don’t expect an explanation unless you ask: Ask:  “Why don’t you love me?”)

“Why doesn’t he love me?” Now you know.

(At least now you know more than you did before reading this.)

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

American Live Wire . . . Listen and be heard.

Why doesn’t he love me? – “The Why”

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