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University Prohibits Selfies at Graduation

Next month as Bryant University in Rhode Island celebrates their graduating class of 2014, there will be no selfies allowed during the ceremony.

While taking selfies maybe all the rage now, this university is cracking down on the popular photo-snapping frenzy, and asking students to refrain from all snapshots while on stage receiving their diplomas.


Bryant University in Rhode Island places ban selfies during graduation ceremony
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The university is not trying to put a damper on the students special day, but with the 800 seniors set to graduate on May 17, time is a key factor.

University President Ronald Machtley felt he was left with no choice but to implement the ban. It isn’t feasible to allow everyone to take a moment to snap away, as the ceremony is already several hours long.

Machtley, is not against selfies, in fact quite the opposite. He is frequently seen accommodating students with their selfie requests on a regular basis, while strolling the campus.

‘I tweet a lot, I have 2,200 followers on campus and I think the fear was…because I take a lot of selfies throughout the school year that it would become an epidemic,’ he said. ‘Our staff was trying to protect me and the students from making this ceremony any longer.’

The president has also made it clear that the students are more than welcome to take photos with him once the ceremony has concluded.

‘We are going to find a time so that anyone who wants to take a selfie won’t feel deprived. I’ll be available for selfies,’ Machtley sid. “Graduation is the culmination of four great years. This is just a small piece of graduation.’

Recognizing the popularity of selfies and social media amongst the students, the university decided to implement a new hashtag on Twitter. The images students post with that tag, will directly go onto a special university website.

While here is no penalty for breaking the rule, Machtley feels confident that the graduates will respect the university’s wishes.

Senior Ali Luthman said that students might be disappointed by the selfies prohibition but “no one is crying about it.”


University Prohibits Selfies at Graduation

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