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What Did ‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star Get Arrested For?

Former Ice Road Truckers star Timothy Zickuhr is due in court next month in Las Vegas on charges of kidnapping and assault of a prostitute in December.

What Did ‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star Get Arrested For?

What Did 'Ice Road Truckers' Star Get Arrested For?The former reality star of ‘Ice Road Truckers’ is facing charges of first degree kidnapping, extortion and coercion in Clark County and will appear in court in May.  After the arrest in December, Zickuhr was able to post bail and is not in custody at this time.

The police report released Monday said the official charges are for assaulting a prostitute and then forcing her to jump out of his second story bedroom in attempt to cover up the attack.

Zickuhr hired the prostitute called “Snow White,” who is actually Lisa Cadeau, and allowed her to use his ATM card for payment.  A day later, he accused her of stealing the money and demanded that she bring it back.  He punched her in the face and demanded she give the money back or he would kill her.

Cadeau was then tied up by Zickuhr using backpack straps, threw cold water on her, and shoved her in a closet.  He threatened to kill her if she did not call someone to bring her the money that he believed she stole from him.  The number she gave was the number of a police officer.  When he called, she screamed that he was going to kill her and he quickly hung up the phone.

Due to the screaming and the phone call, Zickhur became nervous that the police would come, so he quickly made Cadeau jump out the window.  He then took her to the Eureka Casino where he thought he was meeting someone to collect his money, but instead Las Vegas police were there to meet him.

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What Did ‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star Get Arrested For?

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