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Induced Labor and Autism: No Link Found

New Report Denies Link Between Induced Labor and Autism

Contrary to what the past researches say, a new study has found how induced labor could actually have no connections whatsoever to autism.

In contrast to the study put down by Duke University Medical Center last year, which indicated how induction of labor in women who were overdue could have a negative impact on children and make them more likely to be diagnosed with autism, a new statement from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have claimed that there is no evidence to support this theory.

While many other studies have found similar results and have put exposure of the hormone oxytocin to blame, according to the statement put down by the committee, the research has  many limitations and cannot be taken as valid.

Induced Labor

Report Denies Link Between Autism and Induced Labor
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“Current evidence does not identify a causal relationship between labor induction or augmentation in general, or oxytocin labor induction specifically, and autism or ASD,” the committee explained in a statement.

According to the committee, the recent studies had demonstrated a weak link between autism and induced labor, and some of them found no association whatsoever.

“Recognizing the limitations of available study design, conflicting data, and the potential consequences of limiting labor induction and augmentation, the Committee on Obstetric Practice recommends against a change in current guidance regarding counseling and indications for and methods of labor induction and augmentation,” the committee concluded.

New Report Denies Link Between Induced Labor and Autism

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