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Georgia’s “Guns Everywhere Bill” Get Governor’s Signature

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal just signed a controversial bill into state law that was deemed the “Guns Everywhere Bill” by those who opposed it. While the bill’s official name was the “Safe Carry Protection Act”, many skeptics saw this proposed (and now passed) bill as being too controversial to go into effect. Georgia was already regarded by many for having too relaxed of a policy on their gun laws, so this additional right granted to law abiding citizens adds to those concerns. The fact of the matter is that the law will only apply to those licensed individuals who have the right to carry a firearm in a concealed manner. This new law will allow all legally carrying citizens to also carry their weapons into public places that previously did not allow them to.

Georgia’s “Guns Everywhere Bill” Get Governor’s Signature

Safe Carry Protection ActThere are those out there who fear an armed society, but those people choose to allow a fear of violence overshadow their Constitutional Rights to legally carry a firearm. There have been many states in the past that have already successfully prohibited their citizens from exercising this 2nd Amendment right, but Georgia clearly does not wish to do so. Even other states, such as Arizona, who have seemingly liberal gun laws do not allow the same time of freedom to carry in government buildings that Georgia’s new Safe Carry Protection Act afford their citizens.

The scare tactics by the bill’s opposition did not phase law makers Georgias State Congress, as the bill was given a majority endorsement after a few provisions were dropped from the bill. Some of the concerns regarding the right to carry on school property were alleviated when those were removed from the bill specifically before being passed onto the Governor for his signature. In effect, this law will probably have little impact on the everyday lives of most people.

There were some groups of opposition for this bill from current and former law enforcement officials in Georgia too. Their reasoning for wanting to prohibit the bill from getting passed was that there are provisions in the bill that allow almost anybody (including former felons) to possess a firearm within their home for self defense, despite the law actually not allowing them to obtain a firearm in the first place. This situation creates a sort of loophole that allows felons in possession of firearms to not get charged for possessing them if they are only found within their home. This could make the job of law enforcement a bit more difficult in dealing with armed felons, and knowing when they have the right to possess the weapon.

Featured image from Georgia Governor’s website.

Georgia’s “Guns Everywhere Bill” Get Governor’s Signature.

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