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2014 NFL Schedule: Seattle Seahawks are Too Good for Prime Time?

The NFL schedule for the 2014 season has been released and is burning up the internet. Most of the talk has been good, but one issue has fans perplexed.



How come the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks are only playing one game at home during prime time?

When it comes to games broadcast on national television during prime time you would think that scheduling the reigning champs would be a good thing. To be fair, Seattle is playing four games in prime time. Three of them are away games and the other the NFL season opener against the Green Bay Packers.

So what gives?

Well–the answer is actually pretty simple. The Seahawks are just too darn tough at home.

Last season Seattle dominated each opponent they played at home in prime time. Both games against the 49ers were blow outs (42-13 and 29–3) as was the other prime time game against the New Orleans Saints (34-7).

While it is a smart move to put the reigning champs in prime time it is not so smart to put them in a position to succeed. Yes, a Seattle game is going to get good ratings, but if there is one thing fans like more than watching the champs it is watching them get knocked off their pedestal.

Since the networks and the league are not in the business of fixing games (or so we think…) they can make it a little bit tougher by taking away home field advantage.

First up will be the Washington Redskins in Week 5 on Monday Night Football; a game that could be tough if Robert Griffin III returns to form. Thanksgiving night the Seahawks will be in San Francisco for a conference championship game rematch. In Week 16 they travel to Arizona to take on a much improved Cardinals team.

So the lesson is this  NFL teams–if you want prime time games at home you have to be good, but not too good (i.e. the Dallas Cowboys host three).


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