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Tape Of The Woman Who Pointed A Gun At President Ford Made Public

A U.S. District judge has granted a request to make the psychiatric evaluation tape of the woman who pointed a gun President Gerald Ford available to the public. Almost 40 years ago Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme pointed a gun at former President Ford in Sacramento’s Capitol Park.

The 26-year-old woman pointed her gun at the head of the President Ford, luckily the gun did not go off and she was tackled to the ground by secret service agents. Fromme is member of the famous Manson family and best remembered for her attempt to assassinate the president in 1975. She was sentenced to life in prison for the assassination attempt, but was released on August 14, 2009, after serving 34 years.


Lynette Alice Squeaky Fromme

Psychiatric evaluation tape released of woman who tried to assassinate President Ford. Image Courtesy: Associated Press

On the morning of September 5, 1975, Fromme went to Capitol Park reportedly to implore President Ford about the plight of the California redwood trees dressed in a nun-like red robe and armed with a Colt 1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol that she pointed at Ford. The guns magazine was loaded with four rounds, but there was no cartridge in the chamber. Fromme said, that she had emptied the guns chamber before coming to the park that day.

Judge Kimberly J. Mueller granted the release of Fromme’s psychiatric evaluation tape after a motion was filed by the Sacramento Bee in November. The Sacramento Bee reported that in the tape, Fromme spoke self-assuredly about her ability to represent herself at trial and be acquitted. 

The psychiatrist James R. Richmond asked Fromme on the tape, “What would you estimate to be your percentage chance at this point of being found not guilty?” Fromme replied in response, “Oh, I feel, I feel definitely I have probably a 70 percent chance on the percentage scale. I don’t feel that I’ll be convicted of attempted assassination.”

Fromme was convicted at trial for her assassination attempt on the president and spent the next 34 years in prison, before being released on parole in 2009.

 Tape Of The Woman Who Pointed A Gun At President Ford Made Public.

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